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Stock Manager
on request  
  • from 3 users
  • leads in the system
  • 0 leads without unit linked *
Sales Automation
from100€/month per company
  • users
  • leads in the system
  • leads without binding
800 for integration with a web-CRM
  • is excluded from the first-year subscription
  • integration with any CRM systems working through a browser

* the system will only contain bookings, deals, and interests

** EstOffice Stock Manager does not include CRM module. Read more about it in FAQ.


How to try the product?

We have an open demo account where you can familiarize yourself with all functions. We also offer to try EstOffice Sales Automation for 7 days, and we will extend this time if you need more time.

How is your software different from other solutions?

Our systems are very simple to work with, they feature a well-designed user interface. They clearly show what work is done with each lead and who is managing the apartment stock and how. This is the main key to a successful and coordinated work of a sales and marketing.

How much does it cost to perform custom development on top of the software?

In most cases, everything can be solved by changing system settings through a web interface. As for reports, our system can provide all information in an Excel format, which allows you to build any diagrams and connect our software to other IT solutions.

How much time does the integration take?

Setting up your account and introducing the interface and features to employees takes a day on average. There will be no need in a month-long training as it often happens with heavier systems. This has been verified by all our clients.

Is it possible to install the software on our own server?

If when you say ‘server’, you mean your computer from a local network, then no. If you mean a rented server based on Amazon S3, then yes.

Which functions does the CRM module include?

CRM module consists of the following features: tasks for leads, sales funnel transitions, funnel settings, smart tasks.

What will happen to my data if I stop paying?

Your data remains yours. This is a sacred rule for us. This is why we undertake to give you all data from the system in CSV/Excel format. Naturally, we will allow you at least a month to pay for the overdue invoice.

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